"Eve Ferretti's work deconstructs logic, twists meaning and wins the reader with a lot of humor (macabre or not), as with nonsense, in all her modes of expression. In her narratives, Eve creates a dynamic between text and illustration, reminiscent of the process we see in the work of the English painter, illustrator and writer Edward Lear, one of the fathers of Victorian Nonsense literature, along with his fellow countryman and contemporary Lewis Carroll. In Lear's fiction, practically all of it accompanied by the author's own illustrations, the text and the image often contradicting each other, though the illustration can also inform much more than the text, just like we can observe in the work of this author from Curitiba [Brazil]. "

Dirce Waltrick do Amarante is a professor at Federal University of Santa Catarina, translator, writer and essayist.

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