Teaser "The old lady"

Synopsis: On an afternoon like any other, at a square like any other, an old lady approaches slowly. Every afternoon she sits on the same bench. She sighs and looks around slowly, looking for memories. That afternoon, without knowing why, she remembers things that used to happen at that very square when she was young. Her memories from a happy time in her life will be an incredible surprise for us.


Short movie "What they say about Carmen" (in production)

Synopsis: “Carmen was born with a very peculiar characteristic and what is known of her life is what is heard.

They say that she had a father who loved her too much, that her mother was exemplary, that she had many friends.

They also say that after the father's death the mother remarried and her stepfather was affectionate.

They say that he ran away from the home of a loving relative and from there he knew the suffering

But there is a very important detail in Carmen's story: what is said about her is very different from reality.

In order to know the truth about Carmen, it is necessary to read the images and compare with what was said about her.